About us

  • RIGOC also known as Research and Information Global Oracle Center is an Independent Private Information Research and Survey intellectual organization which offers a wide range of Comprehensive Research Data Analysis and Findings Service (C.R.D.A.F.S) that caught across all humans endeavor. We render our service to both cooperate organizations and companies who wish to find out more about their products and services at the hands of their end-customers/consumers; our service also goes to individual who request for it. We also render details recommendations depending on our intelligent research findings that will definitely be of great help to such organization, Company or individual.  We have a wide scope of Organized Trained Research Personnel and Team (O.T.R.P) across the length and breadth of Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe. In all this our charges fee can be regard as nothing compared to the task of surveying across the globe, getting all the necessary information at your fingertips in just three weeks. (Depending your request)