how it works

Our System can be regarded as the simplest and cheapest Research/Survey service you can ever think of; all you need to do is fill the form below indicating your name; and other information require such as Indicating if the Work is Individual/company/ Organization, Indicate your country; Email address  Phone Number.. (This is to enable us to reach you if need be), Topic of the Work/ Research you want us to carry out for you.

Kindly provide a brief description of what you want; this should include details of information needed, giving us the scope in which the information needed should cover; your scope either be global (which means across the world) Continental (specifying or indicating the Continent you want us to source) countries (indicating specified country or countries) you want us to conduct informative research/Survey. To do that you need to fill the RIGOC research information from below.

Immediately that is done, within 24hours we conduct our Intellectual Source Analysis Detail (I.S.A.D). The Intellectual Source Analysis Details will enable us to detect how long it will take our Research personnel to carry out the Research; this is strongly determined by the scope in which you need information. This will also determine what the charge fee will be.  When that is done we communicate to you through email. The email message will consist of the previous message you sent by filling our form indicating your interest in us conducting a Survey/Research for you/ your Organization/company. The email message will also indicate our charges fee; the fee varies depending on the magnitude and scope of the research/information require. Our maximum of information/Research/survey delivering is 3 weeks, which is deliver through your email box both in Microsoft and PDF format) which is also determined by the scope of information finding.  Note… 70% of the charge fee is expected to be paid through the designated channel of payment that will be forwarded through email before the Research work can commence, while the Balance is paid after the conclusion of the Research. Also we offer you the free hand to tell us what you can offer (charge fee) if what you are offering is acceptable or not our team we alert you.